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Beam Sword

The Beam Sword is a cool weapon with lots of power. I'm not sure what game this weapon is from, but it is very good and can keep people away from the ground if thrown at them. Use it to whip your opponents.
Home Run Bat This bat is from Earthbound for Super NES. Ness has one of his own, since he is from Earthbound. If you do a smash attack with this bat, you'll knock your opponent off, instantly (unless he collides with a wall).
Hammer The DK Hammer is an awesome weapon for taking your opponents out. The Hammer will take a person out in usually no more than 3 hits. Sometimes it only takes one time to send your enemy flying away.
Fan A relatively weak weapon from probably the Kirby series. The only advantage to this weapon to this is that it can break a opponent's shield if used in a smash attack. Also, it can keep people away from the ground if thrown at them.
Motion Sensor Bomb This motion mine is from a game I can't identify. You throw it and it will land and activate. A everyone (including you) coming near it get blown up, or away. Useful one edges and in hidden or common landing spots.
Bomb-omb This traditional explosive from the Mario Bros. series is very useful and dangerous. If its not picked up in about 10 seconds, it starts walking on its own. After about 10-15 seconds it will explode. You can also pick it up and throw it. Great for knocking people off.
Bumper A dumb weapon, from an unknown game. You throw it and it stays on the ground. It will knock people back and forth, useful on edges.
Shell There are 2 types of shells. The red ones keep moving back and forth over a little area. Great for knocking people away from you. Green ones keep going until it falls off the edge, or hits something. These are from Mario Bros., obviously.
Pokeball All of you probably know the PokeBall comes from the game Pokemon. The Pokeball contains a few of the Pokemon found in the game each using a different ability. Some of those are Blastoise, Charizard, and Mew to name a few.
Ray Gun The Ray Gun is from a game that I can pinpoint. It might be Star Fox, but I'm not sure. The Ray Gun shoots, well, a ray at your opponent. Annoying and damaging. Your opponent will be full of rage when you're done hitting him. Has limited shots.
Fire Flower This famous weapon from Mario Bros. shoots out fire at your opponent. If they get trapped in its stream, down goes their health. Useful when keeping people off the ground.
Star Rod This weapon is from Kirby 64. This weapon is good for close range hitting, as well as shooting out stars at people. Helps keep your opponents away.
Maximum Tomato The final item from Kirby is the Maxim Tomato which gives you a big recovery. Helps when it gets down to the last lives, as well when you're waiting for a Full Recovery Heart.
Heart The Heart is from Zelda 64 and gives you full recovery. Good for heated battles and down to the last lives. 'Nuff said.
Star The star is from Mario Bros. and gives you invincibility. For a certain period of time, you're invincible. Combined with another weapon keeps you ahead of the game.